Here are a selection of photos I’ve taken of mushrooms whilst exploring the great outdoors. Keep checking back as I will be adding new ones as I take them.

Thanks go to all the fungi that have presented themselves to me whilst I’ve had my camera to hand.

If there are any pictures you really like and want to see bigger and higher quality versions then leave a comment requesting this and I will arrange sending you the original files electronically.

I claim no ownership over these images so if I send you copies of these photos you are free to do whatever you like with them – they are a gift. If you feel you want to give a gift back in whatever form then I will be happy to hear from you again.

Click on any image to start a slide show of larger versions.



2 thoughts on “Photography

  1. To eat or not to eat -that is the question.Love the photos of your amazing mushrooms. I am a Wwoof host up in North Yorkshire at love that you have taken the time to create a website. I will look at in more depth tonight . Will be very interested to read your bee blog as we have just started with 5 hives after my Dad who is 92 stopped doing then 20 years plus ago . There are lots of old hives and frames i need to get sorted for next year -this will be a winter job for me – When someone mentioned bees are very theraputic i didnt realise how much so until now. Always keep the toothpaste close at hadn in case I get stung. Happy Travels

    • Happy you enjoyed the mushroom photography and I hope you’ll find some of my writing interesting. Its been a very rewarding experience creating this website and it is always a great pleasure to get some positive feedback. Your place looks lovely on the website.
      Sounds like a good idea to get more frames done over winter ready for when the bees start swarming next year – They caught us a little by surprise this year.
      Peace and blessings,

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