Occupy Spirituality

I was deeply inspired by this talk and wanted to share it. I have copied in the description for the talk below:

We are currently feeling the need for a spirituality that no longer hides our contemplatives in comfortable monasteries, but instead recognise that we are all called to be mystics and prophets at once. This new spirituality integrates contemplation with activism and prophetic witness on behalf of justice and compassion, deals with the transformation of the whole-person, integrates spiritual practices from various traditions and emphasises the need for intergenerational collaboration and wisdom.

In this talk with spiritual activist Adam Bucko explores the directions the earth is asking us to embark on today. The talk combines themes from Adam’s new book Occupy Spirituality (co-written with Matthew Fox) and his forthcoming New Monasticism: An Interspiritual Manifesto For Contemplative Life In The 21st Century.

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