Astrology Affects the Yield of Shiitake Mushrooms



Here at Middle Ruckham Farm we schedule tasks in the garden according to the Biodynamic Calender mainly as a handy way to work out what tasks to prioritise on each day. Dave has observed that cutting the lawn on a Flower Day means it grows back much slower than if it is done on a Leaf Day and that the bees here are much more docile on Flower Days than any other so there seems to be something interesting going on with this system.

I decided to do a little internet research to see if any observations or experiments had been done with Biodynamics and mushroom growing and came across a very interesting article that seems to give some strong evidence in favour of doing mushroom inoculation on Flower Days to gain an increased yield. So I am posting the link below for you to read and I hope to experiment myself over time to see what observations I can make.

‘Astrology Affects the Yield of Shiitake Mushrooms’ by Michael Barreto, Ph.D


5 thoughts on “Astrology Affects the Yield of Shiitake Mushrooms

  1. Fascinating! I’ve always been intrigued by biodynamic approaches but have never looked into them deeply. Perhaps I really should…

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