Reading The Landscape



I’ve just had a thoroughly wonderful weekend back at Ragmans Farm on a course with Patrick Whitefield called ‘Reading The Landscape’. I learnt so much about what plants and landscape features can tell the informed observer – from historical land-use to soil ecology and so much more. It was truly inspiring to absorb Patrick’s considerable knowledge on this subject and equally stimulating to meet and talk with the other course participants. Once again being at Ragmans felt like the place I was meant to be and seeing people who I met on my Permaculture Design Course with Patrick last year was like being reunited with family. Having now attended two courses at Ragmans and having lived there for nearly 6 months I feel I’ve gained a deep connection with the land and I look forward to developing that further in the future.

One of many fantastic experiences from this weekend was being asked to give a short talk about mushroom cultivation and having a number of people from the group telling me they are keen to give it a go. I look forward to helping them with that and learning from their experiences. Through my enthusiasm for talking to everyone about fungi (which I was encouraged to do I might add!) I earned myself the name “Chrishroom” which I was very pleased with.

Many thanks go to Patrick for sharing his knowledge, experience and passion, to Morwenna for keeping us all nourished with good food and to all the course participants who shared this experience with me. Lastly, thanks to all at Ragmans Farm for giving us the opportunity to learn in such a beautiful and interesting landscape. Blessings on you all.



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