Two short poems

Tracebridge wood

A few days ago I sat down to write a bit of poetry after getting a very positive response to my post ‘Observe and learn from the land’. I decided that I would use the Lune form which follows a pattern of 3 words/5 words/3 words or breaks down a total of thirteen syllables into a structure of 5/3/5 – which may make a lot more sense if you read what I produced.

I found having a short and set form to be a good way of focusing my energy and not getting lost in the world of a blank page. I wrote down quite a few but here are two I’d like to share and that represent the two different ways of writing a Lune I attempted to explain above:


Give your gifts,

Waste not your beautiful dreams.

You are rich.


The forest whispers;

“Come inside”

“We shall heal our wounds”



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