Love and Light-up

Hemp plant growing with a nitrogen fixing layer of clover beneath

The War on Drugs, or more accurately The War on People Who Use Certain Drugs, has and continues to destroy so many people’s lives – but it seems the situation is finally shifting. Cannabis legalisation is now a fledgling reality in two US states and in Uruguay and today many thousands of people will gather to light up together in public parks across the world in an act of super chilled-out civil disobedience.

The effort to control and conquer the use of drugs in society has resulted in criminalising millions of people and is perpetuating an ever increasing cycle of violence and suffering and I think its time to seriously talk about this and collectively find a new approach.

Here is an enlightened article called ‘Gateway drug, to what?’ written by Charles Eisenstein on this subject that I feel is an important contribution to a constructive conversation on drugs in society.

There is a Spanish translation of the article.



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