Observe and learn from the land

I’ve been thinking a lot about how doing more creative and artistic things could be a benefit to me. Writing some poetry is currently on the forefront of my mind especially after receiving a daily dose from Tigers Dancing. Then I remembered a poem I wrote whilst doing an exercise named ‘Listening to the Landscape’ during my Permaculture Design course last year. At the end of the session we were invited to do something creative inspired by an hour spent observing a particular piece of land.

Its not a masterpiece but it flowed out of me quite spontaneously after that session and invokes in me many of the feelings of connection I experienced on the course and I’d like to share it:


At first this land might not seem much

but look a little closer.

Clear your mind

like a long exhale

and breathe in slowly, deeply.


Absorb all this land has to show you.


From birds and bees

to plants and trees.

Many functions,

many features.


Take the time to really listen.

For this land has much to teach us.


View down to Ragmans Lane Farm


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