Thinking Like a Mushroom

I really enjoyed this article from Megan Szrom which explores how learning about the roles of fungi within ecosystems and what they offer us as a species can teach us a lot about how we can interact with the planet and each other in more constructive ways.

Female & Fungi

Thinking Like a Mushroom

Megan Szrom

Contemporary Waste Wasting Away

We find ourselves at a critical point in humanity. The infrastructure created over the last few hundred years is failing to meet our deep needs of true value and fulfillment, and this lifestyle brings us to face environmental challenges of global proportions: the mass extinction of non-human species, exploited and wasted resources, and a lack of intimate and meaningful human interactions. Now we desperately look for guidance to solve large-scale disconnects. Technological advances many times carry the weight of being our salvation, though the answer may be simpler. Studying mushrooms, their life cycle and role in the ecosystem, is part of the key to understand the language of nature and find a balance between our actions and the health of the planet.

We can relate to fungi in many ways, starting with biologically.  We are more closely related to fungi than to…

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