Amazon Mycorenewal Project


The Amazon Mycorenewal Project

This is a really interesting project, worth supporting if you can, that is using permaculture and mycelium to clean up crude oil that has been dumped in the Ecuadorian Rainforest. Its the first major bioremediation project of its kind and could become a seed for other such projects around the world. 

I feel bioremediation work can teach us the value of working alongside other members of our ecosystems to heal damage and create better living conditions for all. It is a beautifying process that works through cooperation and not competition.

This is some info copied from the Amazon Mycorenewal project:


Since 2006, AMP has worked in the Sucumbíos region of Northern Ecuador to develop low-cost, effective, and natural systems for addressing severe pollution and health issues related to industrial petroleum extraction. AMP’s work revolves around the emerging science of applied bioremediation. Bioremediation is a pollution mitigation strategy that mimics the decomposition and nutrient cycling processes found in the natural world by utilizing fungi, bacteria, and plants to break down toxic chemicals in polluted aquatic and terrestrial environments.




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