Real Wealth

I’ve been watching a lot of videos over the last week on various topics of interest to me and I wanted to share something I wrote down whilst watching a video of Charles Eisenstein speaking. His books are available to read for free, as a gift, on his website with an option to give a gift back to support the work. The website is:

The following quote from that video has really helped me to feel more thankful for the real wealth and freedom I have – The freedom to go to different places and receive skills, knowledge and experiences by gifting my time and energy to people and places who are part of a life sustaining world.


” Wealth is the freedom to be generous.”




There be mushrooms in these ear woods…

Wood ears on Elder log

Wood Ears on Elder log

Underside of Woodear

Underside of Wood Ear

Top of Wood Ear

Top of Wood Ear

I recently found a large fruiting of the mushroom Auricularia auricula-judae (or Wood Ear). There is a lot of dead Elder in one of the woods at Ragmans and these were growing on a large fallen stem. This mushroom is most often found on Elder trees but they will grow on other species. They’re a very easy one to identify and one of the few edible mushrooms you’ll find over winter in the UK so this was a real treat of a discovery on one of the few lovely sunny weekends we’ve had this year.

Perhaps these mushrooms add a twist to the philosophical thought experiment that asks: ” If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” But then again perhaps not…!?