This is the first video that inspired me to explore the use of mushrooms to reverse some of the damage that we as a species have inflicted on our collective home – the biosphere of planet Earth.
I am captivated (or be-mushroomed) by the incredible possibilities that our fungal friends offer us as a species and by their role in supporting all the life systems of nature.

“Living in harmony with our natural environment is key to our health as individuals and as a species. As ecological disrupters, humans challenge the immune systems of our environment beyond their limits. The rule of nature is that when a species exceeds the carrying capacity of its host environment, its food chains collapse and diseases emerge to devastate the population of the threatening organism. I believe we can come into balance with nature using mycelium to regulate the flow of nutrients. Now is the time to ensure the future of our planet and our species by partnering, or running, with mycelium.”

-From Paul Stamets’ book ‘Mycelium Running’


Paul Stamets – 6 ways mushrooms can save the world.

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